The Typhoon

Come and try our new rollercoaster the Typhoon.

The Typhoon is for everybody who wants thrills and excitement. The 420 metres ride is 14 metres high with sharp twists and wild elevations. Top speed is 50 km per hour with a 2.5 G impact. We dare you to come and try the Typhoon.



Requirement: Minimum height 1.20 metre

Other: Due to capacity waiting time may occur. Approximate waiting time is displayed at the entrance of the ride

Only full cars

Physically disabled people are not allowed to ride the Typhoon


Multi-Ride Ticket or 4 x Ride Tickets


Technical information

  • Track: 420 metres
  • Height: 14 metres
  • During the ride the carts spin around with up to 50 km/hour
  • G effect: 2.5 G (in very simplified terms this means that your body weight is multiplied by 2.5)
  • The ride takes 2 minutes and 30 seconds
  • The Typhoon is designed in Italy by Zamperla
  • The Typhoon is a spinning coaster meaning that the track has not been designed with loops and steep falls but has very sharp turns where the carts spin around
  • New ride 2006

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