The Butterfly

New ride at Tivoli Friheden 2017

Here comes ”The Butterfly” – a new member of the beetle family in Bille By.

Are you a daredevil, or just a pretty butterfly? Try this year’s new Butterfly ride and find out!

The Butterfly lets you control your own ride, and when you really get the idea, you can turn your butterfly through 360 degrees. Whether you try it at once or only after several rounds is up to you. It means that every time you try, you can change the ride and increase the challenges, so you master your wings and rule in the air.
When you are safely seated in your butterfly, you will be hoisted 4 metres up in the air, and the roundabout begins to turn.

How wild do you want YOUR ride?

Decide for yourself! 




Multi-ride ticket / 2 Tivolettes


  • The Butterfly is produced in Germany by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GMBH.
  • Diameter 16 metres.

  • Highest point 4 metres
  • The 10 butterflies fit one person each, which means the ride can keep af total of 10 people each time.


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