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Sky Tower

Experience the REAL free fall!

Experience the REAL free fall! From the top of the tower - 40 metres - you have a perfect view of the Aarhus bay before you jump down 30 metres with 90 km/hour - without a wire!

After the fall you have the right to wear a "I DID IT" pin and become a member of a very exclusive circle of daredevils.

You may also just take the lift to the top and enjoy the view.



Requirements: Minimum 50 kg and maximum 120 kg Age

Requirements: Minimum 14 years

Health requirements: You are not allowed to jump if you suffer from any of the conditions below:
• back problems
• heart problems
• hypertension
• epilepsy
• pregnancy
• fractures
• open wounds
• fear of heights
• intoxicated by alcohol, medicine or other drugs

Price: 10 x Ride Tickets or Multi-Ride Ticket + 5 x Ride Tickets
View only: Multi-Ride Ticket or 2 x Ride Tickets

Please note that visitors for the free fall have priority

Open: Sky Tower opens at 13 pm.When the park opens at 7 pm opens Sky Tower at 18 pm

Other: For safety reasons the Sky Tower will be closed during thunder storms and high wind speed

All instructions from the staff must be observed Proof of identity may be requested


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  • Height: 50 metres
  • Free fall: 30 metres
  • The visitor will wear a special harness and will experience a 100% free fall from the 40-metre platform. The fall will be curbed softly by the net hanging at the bottom of the tower from the four pillars. The speed during the fall comes to around 90 km/hour
  • G effect: 4 G (in very simplified terms this means that your body weight is multiplied by 4.0)
  • The attraction is the ultimate free fall without any kind of wire or strap
  • The steel construction of the tower weighs around 70 tons and is solidly anchored in the four concrete foundations
  • More than 300 tons of concrete have been used for the four foundations
  • The Sky Tower is made in Germany by Montic - Tivoli Friheden was the first in Europe to introduce this attraction in 2001

Free fall in Tivoli Friheden

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