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Play World

Have fun in the Play World!

Come and play in our 2,000 sq. metres indoor Play World - for everybody up to 12 years. You can play with wheeler cars, a sea of balls and bouncing castles.

The Play World is divided into two areas - one for children aged 0-4 and one for children aged 5-12. It is possible for adults to rest comfortably outside the play areas.



Requirements: Maximum 12 years
Open: The Play World is open from 17th of May to 15th of September 2013 on the opening days of Tivoli Friheden

Other: Children with Multi-Ride Ticket or Ride Tickets may be accompanies by an adult. Adults must not play in the two areas.


Multi-Ride Ticket or 2 x Ride Tickets


  • The area is 2,000 sq. metres
  • The highest bouncing castle is 8 metres
  • There are some 100,000 balls in the "sea of balls"

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