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Motor Boats

At water in Friheden!

Hardened sailors and careful landlubbers may try a ride at the mercy of the waves of the Tivoli Lake in our boats. You decide speed and direction!



Requirements: Minimum height 1.20 metre (children below the minimum height must be accompanied by a paying adult)
Other: Du to the capacity some waiting time may occur. Approximate waiting time is displayed at the entrance of the ride.


Multi-Ride Ticket or 2 x Ride Ticket


  • The motor boats do 4 km per hour and sail around 10 hours per charge
  • The boats have a speeder
  • Each boat weighs 317 kg and carries 180 kg and is intended for one adult and one child
  • Each trip lasts 3 minutes and total capacity of the boats comes to 240 persons per hour
  • Each boat has 4 6 voltage, 160 ampere batteries weighing 120 kg per boat
  • The motorboats are produced in Sweden by SB International

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