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Try bouncing with the Kangaroo!

You will be buckled to the "kangaroo couch" and be bouncing around the way you will never forget!



Requirements: Min. 0,90 m


Multi-Ride Ticket or 2 x Ride Ticket


  • The Kangaroo is for children age 6-10, but can also carry adults on the 2 outer seats
  • The Kangaroo seats 6 persons
  • The basket goes up to 5 metres and bounces up and down at different intervals
  • Including 6 persons the Kangaroo weighs 1.5 tons
  • The power consumption of the Kangaroo is some 10 kW (equal to 160 light bulbs)
  • It is made in Italy by SBF-VISA in 2001
  • Introduced in 2001

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