Illusionsfabrikken -i -Tivoli -Friheden -Aarhus _3_Nye
Illusionsfabrikken -i -Tivoli -Friheden -Aarhus _2_Nye

Illusions Factory

See things from crazy angles in the Illusions Factory!

In the Illusions Factory you will meet optical illusions and delusions that will challenge the mind and physics in an environment where you must join in to create the experience.

Your visit in the Illusions Factory is a journey through time and space.

You will be safely guided through the many rooms by the Illusion Heroes. The journey begins in the Tunnel Vision Room and continues in to the Drum Room. Here you must climb over Suppedasen to the Great Mirror Room that leads to the Spiral Tree and further in to the Crooked Room. In the Mirror Labyrinth you must find the way out, if you can?



Requirements: None


Multi-Ride Ticket or 2 x Ride Tickets


Illusions Factory in Tivoli Friheden

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