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Zombie ---Haunted -House -i -Tivoli -Friheden -Aarhus

Haunted House

A horrific zombie virus has broken out!

A horrific zombie virus has broken out and we need you to fight the epidemic. Do you dare to get on the ride and with the 3D glasses shoot the many zombies attacking our Haunted House?

The movie is 3D and the wind whistles about your ears (4D).Fight against the other guests (5D) in this great film and game experience. Drivethrough the haunted house and feel the horror deepens…



Age: Minimum 12 years (due to the scary movie)

Other: Strobe lights are used in this ride


Multi-Ride Ticket or 3 x Ride Tickets


• Four seats per car (approx 220 persons per hour)
• The ride is approx 2½ minutes
• Interactive ride for the whole family
• Produced by Triotech in Canada in cooperation with Tivoli Friheden 

This is the Haunted House trailer

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