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Ferris Wheel

Go all the way to the treetop and see Friheden from above!

Did you know that…

The ferris wheel was invented in the USA by 32-year old engineer, George Ferris.

The ferris wheel was presented at the world exhibition in Chicago in 1893 as an alternative to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The wheel was 88 meter high and could hold 2,160 passengers at a time.

George Ferris was inspired by the classical merry-go-round which he turned upright.

George Ferris considered the ferris wheel an American symbol of freedom.



Requirements: Minimum height 1.20 metre
(Children below the minimum height must be accompanied by a paying adult)


Multi-Ride Ticket or 2 x Ride Tickets


  • Height: 27 meter
  • 18  gondolas holding a total of 108 guests
  • Energy saving LED lighting
  • Manufactured by Technical Park in Italy
  • The Ferris Wheel has been approved by TÜV, a world-leading provider of safety certificates for rides
  • New ride in 2011

The Ferris Wheel in Tivoli Friheden is the biggest one in Denmark

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