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The Cobra is set to be the "wildest" roller coaster on the Danish market!,

The Cobra measures some 25 meters at the highest point, the track length is 400 meters, the maximum speed is 70 km/h and the coaster involves 3 inversions and offers a maximum G-force of 4,5.

The Cobra is set to be the "wildest" roller coaster on the Danish market, and among the largest single projects ever made in a Danish amusement park. The Cobra is designed in Italy by RideTek Engineering and manufactured by SAC Sartori. The total cost of the Cobra is app. 4,4 mio euro.



Requirements: Minimum height 1.40 metre
Other: Du to the capacity some waiting time may occur.
Approximate waiting time is displayed at the entrance of the ride.

All instructions from the staff have to be obeyed.

Health requirements: You are not allowed to jump if you suffer from any of the conditions below:
• back problems
• heart problems
• pregnancy
• fear of heights
• intoxicated by alcohol, medicine or other drugs


Multi-Ride Ticket or 5 x Ride Tickets


  • Track: 400 metres
  • Height: 25 metres
  • Maximum speed: 70 km/hour
  • The ride takes 100 seconds
  • G effect: 4.5 G (in very simplified terms this means that your body weight is multiplied by 4.5)
  • The roller coaster has three inversions and many other wild effects
  • Cobra is a suspended roller coaster where the seating is hanging underneath the track
  • The Cobra is designed by RideTek Engineering and produced by Sac Sartori in Italy
  • New ride in 2008

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