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Bumper Cars

On the Bumper Cars everything is allowed, everything is for fun – and not dangerous!

Buckle the seatbelt and get in the mood! When the music plays at the Bumper Cars it is all about driving wild and crazy and driving in to each other.

Speed demons and traffic hooligans naturally need to try the antics that would normally get them a clip in their driver’s license!



Requirements: Minimum height 1.30 metre (children below the minimum height must be accompanied by a paying adult)

Other: We recommend that only kids beyond 3 years of age participates on this ride


Multi-Ride Ticket or 2 x Ride Tickets


  • The course of the bumper cars covers an area of 24x14 metres
  • There are 22 2-seater bumper cars
  • The metal wire under the ceiling provides power via the antenna on the back of the cars
  • The other power pole is supplied from the floor of the course
  • The normal operating voltage for the cars are 48 V
  • The steering mechanism enables the cars to turn 360 degrees
  • Fastened seat belts are a requirement as collisions are part of the experience
  • The course and the cars are made in Italy by I.E. Park/Soli

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