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5D Cinemagic

The ultimate movie-game in 5D-Cinemagic!

Experience the ultimate film-game in 5D Cinemagic!

Prepare yourself for an action packed experience in the park’s very own 5D-Cinemagic movie theater.
Behind the magic glasses the film is shown in 3D while the wind whips around your ears (4D). There is no time to sit back in the lively seats because you need to battle against the others (5D) in the year’s coolest film-game-experience.
In 2012 Peter Panduro became the high score holder with 54,700 points. He has therefore won his own tile with his name on “The Walk of Fame” in Tivoli Friheden.

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Picture: Peter Panduro, high score holder with 54,700 points.
The high score holder of 2013 became Darja Sulaiman Jajis with a score of 132,400. He also gets his own tile.
The high score holder of 2014 will also receive a tile with their name on it, will that be you?



Requirements: Minimum height 1.20 metre (children from 1.05 metre height must be accompanied by an adult)


Multi-Ride Ticket or 3 x Ride Tickets


• 16 seats per show
• Surround 360 sound environment
• Interactive attraction for the whole family
• Manufactured by Triotech in Canada

Enjoy this years new movie, Los Banditos

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