In 1903 the citizens of Aarhus went on Sunday picnics to the woods where the forester served beer, soda, coffee and cakes. In fact the forester was so engaged with the restaurant that in 1903 the city council was concerned that the forester was more of a restaurateur than a forester. The council gave one of the city's restaurants permission to serve on the visitors in the woods.

The young waiter, Mr. Hans Rising, took over the operation and received permission to build a pavilion and two months later the Restaurant Terrassen was ready.

Restaurant Terrassen served large lunch menue at DKK 0.75 and a bottle of aquavit at DKK 0.10.

The restaurant became quickly very popular. From 1909 there were great Sunday concerts at the large bandstand. At special occasions Mr. Rising was allowed to close the area and collect admission fees.

In 1927 Mr. Rising erected an extension to the original restaurant. The hall was large enough to cater for large parties and functions. Later the hall was turned into a theatre.

In 1949 a minigolf course was created and in 1950 pedal boats and a large chess game in front of the restaurant were introduced.

In 1954 Mr. Rising stopped as restaurateur of Friheden. Mr. Dan Christophersen, restaurateur, composer and revue producer took over the lease of Restaurant Terrassen, and in 1957 with him as anchorman a number of attractions were opened.

The year after the local authority and Mr. Marinus Kobberød, Tivoli owner, entered into partnership of the operation of an amusement park. On 2 May 1958 the enclosed amusement park was opened.

Since then there has been many different owners of Tivoli Friheden. In 1984 after Tivoli Friheden's suspension of payments Aarhus local authority fully took over the operation. From 1992-96 the park was renovated for DKK 13 million. In February 2000 Tivoli Friheden A/S took over the operation of the park from the local council and remains the current owner of Tivoli Friheden.



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