What is the admission fee and price for the rides?
See admission fees and price for the rides under "Information".

What is a Seasonal Pass?
The Seasonal Pass provides free entrance to the park during the entire season. The Seasonal Pass also allows you to purchase your Multi-Ride Ticket at half price. Already at your second visit the Seasonal Pass has been paid for. The Seasonal Pass allows you to bring a friend to Tivoli Friheden free of charge every Wednesday. See fees under "Admission Fees".

What are the opening hours?
Tivoli Friheden is open on different days and at different dates. See under "Information".
Which rides may I try?
For security reasons some of the rides have specific requirements to age and height.

Is it possible to enter the park outside regular opening hours?
For security reasons the park is closed outside regular opening hours.

Which buses go to Tivoli Friheden?
Midttrafik's buses numbers 4, 16, 18 and 24 stop right at the City hall and at Tivoli Friheden's main entrance.

Where can we park the car?
Parking facilities are available along Skovbrynet and by Atletion. Parking is free and without time limits.

May we bring our own beverages?
Yes, provided it is not alcoholic beverages.

May we bring our own food?
Yes. There are areas around Tivoli VanDvittig with tables and benches and barbecue. It is also possible to buy a barbecue picnic from Restaurant Friheden. The barbecue picnic contains sausages, spareribs, chicken, baked potatoes and salad.

May we take the dog along?
Yes, you may bring your dog provided you keep it in a leash.

How old is Tivoli Friheden?
Tivoli Friheden's oldest building dates back to 1904. See under "History".

Is it possible to rent a stroller?
Strollers may be rented from the merchandise shop at the entrance - DKK 40.



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