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Ben & Jerry's

Delicious ice with cult status

Ben & Jerry's
- Finest all natural ice cream

You can now enjoy Ben & Jerry's ice cream at Tivoli Friheden. Ice cream is part of a perfect day in Tivoli Friheden with lots of fun and rides. Try the many delicious flavors - some flavors have even Fairtrade status.

The story
Armed with a $5 correspondence course in ice cream making, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield opened their first scoop shop in a closed-down gas station in Burlington, Vermont.

Ben & Jerry's created ice cream such as Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Caramel Chew Chew and Chunky Monkey and achieved in no time cult status around the world.

In 2006 Ben & Jerry launched the world's first ever Fairtrade vanilla ice cream and Ben & Jerry is aiming at making every ingredient in every ice cream Fairtrade certified.

About Fairtrade
Fairtrade is an international certification. The objective is to improve trading conditions for producers in developed countries.

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